Kaijie Group International Limited is a large-scale Enterprise. Subsidiary companies include: Guangzhou Kaijie Power Supply Industrial Co.,Ltd, Qingyuan Kaijie Power Supply Co.,Ltd, HongKong Kaijie Industrial Co.,Ltd, Guangzhou Kaijie Printing Co., Ltd,Guangzhou Kaijie Nonferrous Co., Ltd,Guangzhou Mintong Trading Co.,Ltd.

Guangzhou Kaijie Power Supply Industrial Co.,Ltd, originated from Fuan Gexin Battery Co.,Ltd, established in 1996,Specialised in producing , marketing and R&D of lead acid storage battery. We had moved to the southern economy center Guangzhou in 2003. In 2005, for the purpose of fast developing requirement,we set up Qingyuan Kaijie Power Supply Co.,Ltd, -the plate factory in Qingyuan of Guangdong province which is with 27000 square meter and annual 7000 tons lead capacity.

During many years of operational development, the company has always satisfied the reqiurement of the highest standards of product quality to make the motorcycle battery products professional, innovative, arts and crafts-oriented. Our company become major enterprises in manufacturing, sales and service for motorcycle lead-acid battery in the world. Owing to the effective execution and implementation of the proper objectives and plans,the company is growing fastly and powerfully. In 2009, Our company guaranteed the production of following three series of motorcycle battery: dry-charged vented battery, instantly-use battery, valve-regulated lead acid battery, meanwhile successfully developed two series of motorcycle batteries :replacable&multi-functional battery and nano- gel battery.

In order to ensure product quality keeping in high standards,we invested a large amount of advanced production and testing equipment; kept coutinuous reform in production process and process flows; improved the full range of testing equipment and testing instruments;has created a stable high-quality management team;solid and improved product quality assurance capabilities: good consistency, low self-discharge rate, high current discharge performance, good dry-charged maintaining performance, long operational life and other excellent features. All these features reached an international advanced level.

Our company become major enterprises in manufacturing, sales and service for motorcycle lead-acid battery in the world

Our technology is based on independent innovation, intellectual property rights on the basis of its own, according to years’ accumulation of research and development. At present the company’s key technologies for various product have been applied for patents in worldwide, especially the“replacable multi-functional sealed lead-acid battery ” has obtained the relevant patents for their invention in China, Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries.This kind of battery can replace a variety of conventional battery. At the same time , the nano-gel motorcycle batteries which our company developed independently have been devoted to domestic and foreign markets and got the customers praise.The nano-gel batteries,completely different from the gel battery appeared in the current market ,is our unique new technologies and also a new revolution in motorcycle battery line.

The nano-gel batteries have advantages such as : a superior resistance against overcharge and over-discharge, excellent high-current discharge performance, lowest water-loss rates, excellent anti-attenuation capability and longer recycle life, useful package and attractive design.

We have paid great attention to R & D work in alternative energy; continually invest research and development funding and resources to carry out related work, and set up a “Solar and Wind Nano-Gel battery ” research project team with “China South Normal University Chemistry and Environment college” to develop new products:new energy sources gel battery;develop new applications of battery product, currently the technology and achievements have made a major breakthrough.

Our new product development will continue to focus on the product’s energy saving technology, function universal, new appearance and crafts-oriented, the continuous improvement of performance and so on to ensure the Kaijie battery with a solid technical foundation and market infrastructure in the motorcycles’ middle and high-end lead-acid battery research and development, production, sales and service; achieve the ambitious goal of creating a world-class brand in lead-acid motorycycle batteries industry.