Kage chargers ensure the best load with maximum safety following
the 9 recommended charging processes to extend the life of your battery.

9 steps charging process 

To extend the life of the batteries, we recommend using the Kage smart charger that meets all 9 charging processes.

  • 1. Qualification: Ensure the battery in good condition prior to charge, charge will not be started if battery is less than 2.0V.
  • 2. Battery rescue: Battery Rescue starts in case the battery voltage has unusually raised to the highest voltage at the beginning of charge.
  • 3. Soft start: Soft start follows when battery is rescued successfully, it delivers limited current to re-active the element of battery for better charging condition.
  • 4. Pulse Mode: Pulse mode starts in case the battery has detected at very low level when the charge commences.
  • 5. Recondition: Recondition follows when the pulse mode is completed, it aims to re-active the element of battery for charging condition.
  • 6. Bulk charge: The normal charge is commenced to deliver the constant current for charging up the battery until 80% full.
  • 7. Absorption Charge: The charge program has switched over to constant voltage; the charge current has to be reduced according to the raised of battery level, until the battery is full.
  • 8. Checking: It checks the battery voltage after charged, to make sure the voltage can be retained otherwise the battery is classified a dead battery.
  • 9. Maintenance: The battery can be permanently maintained at a proper work level and to be kept ready to go.

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