Kage testers guarantee accurate voltage and amperage measurement, fundamental to know the state of our batteries.

Kage Tester

Next, we will see a graph where we briefly explain the charge and tester period of our AGM and GEL batteries

  • M.S. The standard minimum voltage from our factory is 12.9 V. Generally the voltage is above 13.1V.
  • Z.V. (Green zone) This zone indicates the optimal voltage of a battery to be installed in the vehicle, greater than 12.4v.
  • T.C. (Testing and Charging) Between 6 and 8 months of battery storage, we recommend testing and if the battery has a voltage lower than 12.4V, recharge immediately.
  • Z.N. (Orange Zone) If we let the ideal time of testing and charging pass, what can happen is that the battery voltage drops below 12.4v. Between 12.4V and 12.0V the batteries can be recovered, but it is not recommended to get to this point.
  • Z.R. (Red Zone) This is a critical zone, it is necessary to prevent the battery voltage from dropping below 12.0V.

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