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In recent years, new energy vehicles have developed rapidly, as the main source of power for electric vehicles, new EV batteries are an important key component to promote the development of new energy vehicles. Kage’s new EV battery has gone through a long development process, so there is no need to worry about the quality. In 2020, Kage took the lead in owning the patent of lithium-ion soft-pack polymer battery, laying the foundation for the industry's lithium-ion application.

The advantages of this kind of cell are that high energy and high power, high energy density, high rate partially charged state (HRPSOC) recycling, wide operating temperature range (-30 ~65℃), long service life, requiring 5-10 years, and safe and reliable. Kage is a joint-stock high-tech enterprise that integrates the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of green and high-performance power lithium battery pack, energy storage application, and charging system. Kage has accumulated and precipitated battery technologies over the years, battery module structuring, energy density, safety performance, lifespan, consistency and airtightness, and compression and vibration reduction performance are Kage's competitive edges on the market. Its battery packs are widely used for buses, passenger vehicles, and special vehicles such as logistics vehicles, sanitation vehicles, and sprinkling vehicles. Kage's primary mission is to provide energy system solutions for customers and satisfy clients' needs in customization in addition.


 FASTER: The fast charging function is gradually becoming the standard of new energy mid-to-high-end models, fast charging technology is also becoming the focus of a new round of competition for new EV battery manufacturers, and fast charging of power batteries has become a new "trend" in the new energy industry.

 SAFER: Charging protection System, When the new EV battery is fully charged, it will stop charging by itself and protect the battery. complete and reliable supply.

 POWERFUL: EV New series has a very strong efficiency advantage in the management, structure, company relations, and the main business system and mechanism, which plays a core role in the company's new energy battery innovation, expansion, cost reduction, research and development, and supporting facilities. The resulting production capacity, cost, and R&D iterations can be solidified as core competitiveness.



The cell structure of the new lithium-ion power battery solves the problem of rapid heating of large-capacity single-cell power batteries under the condition of large-rate discharge, reduces the polarization and internal resistance of the single-cell battery.


The serve life is long, requiring 5-10 years.


For new energy vehicles, the battery is the most critical component which is a green battery.


For new energy vehicles, the battery is the most critical component which is a green battery.


333.7-50KWH Image


Capacity 150Ah
Voltage 333.7V
Energy 50KWH
333.7-93KWH Image


Capacity 280AHAh
Voltage 333.7V
Energy 93KWH

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